Esben Pedersen

M.S. Geology 2020

Jackson School of Geosciences

Mount KÄ«lauea, recorded March 2017

Aspiring petroleum geologist

My name is Esben Pedersen. I am currently a geology MS graduate student at the University of Texas at Austin as a Statoil Research Fellow working with Drs. Charles Kerans and Toti Larson. I study the response and recovery of carbonate factories after the occurrence of ocean anoxic events, specifically investigating the record recorded within the Cow Creek Member of the Cretaceous Gulf of Mexico Pearsall Formation. Ocean anoxic events mark profound perturbations in the global carbon cycle, and should be recognized as not only as a correlative tool, but as a potential framework for predictive paired source rock and reservoir rock deposition.

I am also interested in soccer, hiking, reading and economics.